Tesco Store, Bedworth


Lawson Group undertook demolition works as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of the Tesco retail store in Bedworth, Coventry. This included demolition of local shops, businesses and pub; the removal of the petrol station and forecourt, and the demolition of the main store and multi-storey car park.


The Tesco store itself consisted of a concrete framed building with brick and concrete cladding, varying in height from one to three storeys across the store. Near the main store and car park were the store’s petrol station, a car repair workshop, the Swan public house and several residential dwellings, which Lawson Group had to remove to make way for the new store being built.

Lawson Group were to be responsible for setting up scaffolding on site, within the site hoarding, on any part of the structure close to the public highway or pedestrian pathways. The main challenge faced by the demolition team was safely carrying out demolition works in a busy public area while keeping dust, noise and vibration to a minimum. Careful consideration and planning were given to ensuring the safety of the public.

The forecourt itself presented further challenges for the Lawson Group team, ensuring the safe removal of the underground fuel tanks. Traffic movements on site were also to be considered whilst aiming not to cause disturbance to local residents and businesses. Lawson Group limited traffic movements to off peak times and suitable routes. Once demolition works began on the main store, a lane closure was required on the main road adjacent. This meant that Lawson Group would have to work closely with the Local Highways and Council teams to ensure the closure was executed successfully with minimum disruption.


Flame retardant Monoflex was attached to the scaffold with crash decks erected to protect members of the public who were still using the busy town centre at the time of demolition. Works began with a soft strip of all structures due to be demolished. Mechanical demolition then commenced, starting with the former car repair garage and the residential properties located on the perimeter of the site. The Swan pub was then demolished in a similar manner, with extra care being taken in the demolition due to the close proximity of the structure to the main road and pedestrian walkway.

Once this was completed, works began on the petrol station and forecourt. The steel framed structure of the building was mechanically cut using a sheer attachment. The block and brick walls were broken out and processed for crushing.

In order to safely remove the underground fuel tanks, the covers were removed from the tanks by operatives wearing masks and anti-flammable, non-static overalls and boots. The site was monitored with gas detectors while oil regulation pipework was coupled to each tank.

The remaining oil and water in each tank were moved into a vacuum tanker and transported to a suitable waste facility. Once the tanks had been cleaned and received a gas free certificate, they were removed by a demolition excavator. Works then began on demolishing the main Tesco retail store and car park utilising a 360-degree tracked excavator with a hydraulic pulveriser attachment rather than a percussive attachment to reduce noise and dust.

Demolition of each building began from the top down, starting at the rear of the structure, moving methodically in an easterly direction ensuring the building was stepped back with floors progressively cleared to prevent overloading. The demolition excavator worked progressively into the structure, removing cross beams followed by pillars. Brick and concrete walls were broken out and processed for crushing and retaining on site.

A second 360-degree excavator approached the North and West elevations of the store, close to a main road junction where the road closure was required. Lawson Group then removed the brick and concrete cladding panels to reduce the risk of an uncontrolled collapse of the building.


All loose fixtures and fittings were removed and segregated for recycling or disposal. The foundations and ground floor slab were excavated to 1.5m to leave site clear. The works were completed on time and within budget. The site was handed back to the client ready for the next stage of the new store development.

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