Defence Academy of the UK, Swindon


Lawson Group was awarded the contract to remove asbestos from the entire Defence Academy of the UK site near Swindon.


The works would require a full environmental clean of plant rooms and encapsulation of walls, repair of damaged panels throughout the site and labelling and sealing off voids to contaminated underground pipe ducts.

Twenty-Three separate areas had been identified as needing some form of asbestos removal. Twenty-two of the areas would require the removal of Non-Notifiable Asbestos and one, Kitchener Hall Boiler Room, would need the careful removal of Licensed Asbestos. This included, loose lagging debris which contained potential hazardous loose asbestos fibres.


Before any work could take place, two separate ‘Plan of Works’ documents were produced – ‘Non-Notifiable’ work and ‘Licensed’.

The Kitchener Hall Boiler Room (Licensed work) required the setup of airlocks, constructed out of 1,000-gauge polythene on a metal tube frame standing 2m high.

The middle and third compartments of the airlock included washing facilities for personal decontamination prior to entering the Decontamination Unit (DCU). A baglock, for bag transfer, was incorporated on the external part of the enclosure.

The third compartment of the baglock included cleaning facilities for decontamination and cleaning waste bags before double bagging. Once the enclosure was complete, a smoke test was carried out to identify and seal up any breaches to the outside.

All the loose lagging debris and dust on all surfaces of the boiler room were removed, whilst doing this, all surfaces were vacuumed and wiped down using an H-type unit in conjunction with a surfactant and water mix via a low-pressure pump-up sprayer.

The loose fill insulation was sprayed using the pump and given time to allow for penetration. Once sufficient penetration had been achieved, the insulation was wiped off the surfaces and placed into red bags, sealed, ready to be removed from the enclosure.

As per the Plan of Works, any MMMF insulation was left on the pipes with any open joints sealed and wiped down as part of the final clean. Also, any residue on the walls was sealed with ET150 as requested by the client.

A full decontamination of the boiler room was carried out, all waste was double bagged or wrapped and removed via the baglock and in line with already agreed procedures.

All works were carried out by highly qualified asbestos removal operatives from Lawson Environmental – Lawson Group’s asbestos specialist division.

The other multiple sites, containing Non-Notifiable asbestos, were systematically processed within cordoned-off areas of the site. Material removal and procedures included: AC debris, cement guttering, corrugated cement canopies, floor tiles with bitumen adhesive and Encapsulation of AIB and AC.

Lawson Environmental operatives also double bagged and removed a small oven lined with insulating board, using1,000-gauge polythene.


All waste was disposed of at licensed sites according to regulations. The site was successfully handed back to the client having been fully decontaminated to their requirements.

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