Tony Church Returns to Lawson Group.

Lawson Group is proud to welcome back one of its former managers, Tony Church (AFAAM). Tony has returned to a leading UK specialist in demolition and asbestos removal, being appointed the role of Asbestos Manager. He is also a welcomed addition to the team whose HQ is located just outside Swindon.

Tony’s experience in the asbestos removal industry is extensive because it spans over 20-years. This is in various roles involving the removal, surveying and the management of asbestos. Furthermore, he also achieved this whilst adhering to the many stringent regulations associated within this highly skilled profession.

Welcome back Tony.

Lawson Environmental (part of Lawson Group) is licensed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to remove all asbestos types. Having this licence allows Lawson Group to be the one stop shop for all demolition works. This also includes those projects with hazardous asbestos found on a site or in a structure.

Lawson Group can also help with your next demolition or asbestos removal project. So please give us a call on 01793 782000 or email

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