Investment in staff is crucial…

Training is very important to us here at Lawson Group. We understand the importance of equipping our teams with the correct knowledge and expertise to complete demolition and asbestos removal projects to the highest standards possible.

We invest in our people through industry-leading training. Having staff that are experts in their fields is vital to our success and the safe completion of all our projects. Legislation, health and safety, best working practices and the latest industry standards are just some of the important areas of training our people receive.

Our onsite teams undergo continuous health and safety training to ensure that when they complete a task or project, they consider the safety of themselves and all those around them. IDE trained engineers are also part of Lawson Group’s training schedule, ensuring that key members of the team are aware of the very latest in demolition and engineering techniques and planning.

The Lawson Group management team and key staff members undergo extensive training in various areas including: COSHH, Management training, NEBOSH, IOSH, IDE, ARCA, plus many more…

When you hand over a demolition or asbestos removal project to Lawson Group, you can be sure it will be in highly qualified and experienced hands.

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