Lawson Environmental – the UK asbestos removal specialists…

We at Lawson Group do so much more than just demolishing buildings! Lawson Environmental (part of Lawson Group) is fully licensed by the HSE, and having this licence qualifies it to cater for all asbestos removal projects. These include those with hazardous asbestos found on a site or within a structure.
The experienced team at Lawson Environmental are specialists in safely removing licensed or non-licensed asbestos materials under controlled conditions, anywhere in the UK.
Earlier this year, Lawson Environmental’s high standards were rewarded again, when it was awarded another 3-year asbestos licence from the HSE. This licence means that Lawson Group can provide the complete demolition and asbestos removal package for its clients.
Next time you have a project requiring demolition, licensed or non-licensed asbestos removal, or soil remediation works – use the group that is an expert in all these fields. You can learn more here:
To find out more on how Lawson Group can help with your next demolition or asbestos removal project, please give us a call on 01793 782000 or email