Experience Acknowledged by Institute of Demolition Contractors.

Congratulations to Lawson Group’s Andy Neath MIDE and Phil Bowen MIDE, who were both recently certified as full members of The Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE). Andy and Phil have been with Lawson Group and worked in the demolition industry for many years, so this is a fitting accolade for two highly experienced demolition professionals.

To achieve this recognition within the industry, both Andy and Phil had to work hard to complete the following (as stated on the IDE Website https://ide.org.uk/membership/grades-of-membership/full-membership/):

“Complete 2 years, and no more than 3 years as an Associate Member.

Continue to meet the requirements of Associate Membership.

Completed a CSCS Managers/PQP Touch Screen test within the last 2 years.

Submit a portfolio of work for the past 2 years for acceptance of the Membership Committee with completed CSCS PQP Card application form.

Undertake a Professional Interview.”

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